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Real Wind for
Virtual Reality

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Meet the ZephVR

The ZephVR is a first-of-its-kind accessory that automatically adds wind to any VR game.

Using machine learning, the ZephVR recognizes events in games’ audio tracks and activates its fans at the right moments.

So when you fly, fall, or accelerate—or when there’s wind in a game—you’ll actually feel it.

Feel Like You’re Really There

The ZephVR transforms any VR experience into a multi-sensory, physically immersive adventure. Feel real wind when you’re flying, falling, or racing. When you’re dodging bullets, or caught in a storm. When you’re climbing a mountain, or fleeing ghosts. The ZephVR is great for action, racing, and horror games, and almost everything else.
The ZephVR uses machine learning to identify events in VR content. This means the ZephVR works with nearly all games out-of-the-box. We also partner with developers who want to create highly customized experiences for their content.
Beyond wind, our technology will enable all sorts of peripherals and physical effects—temperature, vibration, rain, or anything else people can think up—so that they work with all VR content, automatically.

Compatible with All Major VR Systems

Oculus Rift

PlayStation VR

HTC Vive

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